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Invest in Network Infrastructure to Support Enterprise Growth

If you tend to think of your network infrastructure the same way you think about the electricity in your house, it’s time to shift your perspective. Your growth as an enterprise depends heavily on your network investment and its function in driving elements like communication, customer experience, and connectivity.

Here are a few key areas where you can invest in network infrastructure to directly affect innovation and growth:

Invest in better WiFi connectivity and security: WiFi used to be offered as a perk but it’s now an expected requirement for any business, whether you serve the public or other companies. Upgrade to an on-premises IT WiFi backbone that allows you to offer better connectivity to staff and visitors. You should also consider investing in technology that allows you to segment guest and internal WiFi use, as well as robust filters, building a better security policy for your WiFi.

Upgrade your communications: A cloud-based communications solution, such as hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or its rich cousin offering more advanced features, Unified Communications as a Service, provides any company with a consistent public face while offering convenience to customers. Customers utilize the communication format they prefer and employees access a single application for all communication types. With lower costs and easy scalability, this is often paired with a network infrastructure investment to support the performance necessary for good call quality through the internet.

Improve network visibility: Continual monitoring and real-time reporting of your network give you critical information about how particular applications, users, and transmission types are utilizing the network. This information allows you to optimize network performance by segmenting out different types of traffic for different pathways, marking mission-critical transmissions for highly-reliable multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) and relegating non-critical video streaming to the public internet. Companies are increasingly implementing technology like software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) to achieve both centralized visibility and better network optimization.

Ensure a consistent brand message: In industries like healthcare, retail, and hospitality, acquisitions and mergers are common vehicles for growth. These events require a fast expansion of the network infrastructure without a clouding of brand values and messaging. It’s important to invest in a network strategy that upgrades systems without disruption to business processes.

Your investment in network infrastructure is directly related to your ability to grow in the future. Learn more about future-proofing your infrastructure by accessing this free download, then contact us at TailWind for more information. We offer high-speed broadband connectivity and certified onsite technician support for a smooth transition to any network infrastructure investment.