Three Predictions Surrounding Digital Transformation

It’s typical to focus on how digital transformation will impact the daily business activities of your enterprise, from end-user experience to agility in adopting new technology. You’ll likely see better productivity as you invest in cloud solutions and possibly even cut costs through subscription-based invoicing.

What these benefits don’t illustrate is the disruptive nature of digital transformation for upending the construct around what’s driving business objectives and growth, from networking to security and customer experience. Here are three predictions about the impact of digital transformation:

User experience-driven digital transformation will shape networking and security. The pursuit of a customer experience that carves out a lead ahead of the competition has enterprises implementing new technology at a fast pace. As a result, sometimes there are lags when it comes to security and networking is approached with incremental improvements that boost performance, at least for the moment.

These factors will have to change if an enterprise is prioritizing digital transformation. The network must be dynamic and resilient to change, and security strategies require a new approach that protects the network infrastructure and the data within. Perimeter-based networking and security won’t be adequate anymore, and behavioral analytics and anomaly detection will be necessary to handle network security.

The Internet of Things (IoT) and increased hyper-connectivity will disrupt networking and security. It is no longer adequate to rely on firewalls to detect and protect against external threats. With an expanding fleet of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, the growing volume and number of sources for data collection will overwhelm traditional networking and security solutions. There are almost unlimited sources for security threats because even a second- or third-party business partner could be the source of a potential problem. A holistic view of the network and the ability to troubleshoot and identify a potential breach will be necessary for adequately securing the network.

Improved network security will be fueled by machine learning and artificial intelligence. Machine learning and artificial intelligence will be more effective at monitoring systems because these technologies never suffer from overconfidence. Unlike network security systems manned by humans, security systems handled with machine learning and artificial intelligence technology will detect anomalies and handling threats – but will do it much faster.

Digital transformation will, no doubt, result in better customer experiences, edge out competitors that aren’t embracing cloud technology and enhance performance, agility and productivity while reducing costs. These benefits don’t begin to encompass the comprehensive disruption that is possible with digital transformation when it is supported by a network strategy that includes sweeping change.

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