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A Guide to Optimizing Connectivity With IT and Broadband Aggregation

Managing connectivity across multiple branches, offices, and departments is a challenge for enterprises of all sizes, whether you’re dealing with two locations or two hundred. Anyone in charge of handling data connectivity for a multi-location enterprise typically has to deal with:

  • Multiple bills to sort through and stay on top of each month
  • Multiple accounts to monitor for usage, changes, etc.
  • Multiple points of contact for each provider – which might also vary for each location you manage

Aside from stress and headaches, these factors make it difficult to track monthly expenses, solve connectivity issues quickly, or ensure each location is receiving high-quality, reliable telecom services. That’s where IT and broadband aggregation services from a trusted IT services provider come in. 

What Is IT and Broadband Aggregation?

Telecom aggregators simplify internet connectivity across multiple locations by sourcing and managing a customized, bundled services plan for your entire enterprise. No matter how widespread your IT environment is, an aggregator can implement a solution at all of your locations. They do this by establishing relationships with broadband providers, which they can leverage to create a plan that meets your connectivity needs, streamlines your services, and saves you time and money. 

What Are the Benefits of IT and Broadband Aggregation Services?

Partnering with an IT services provider for telecom aggregation helps you ensure each location receives optimal network connectivity and reduced downtime. Other benefits you’ll experience after working with a telecom aggregator include:

1. Simplified Billing and Services

One of the most significant advantages of multi-location IT and broadband aggregation is simplified billing. After your aggregator consolidates your services, you’ll receive only one invoice covering every carrier and service across your enterprise. Simply put, you can say goodbye to juggling multiple bills from multiple providers – and free up your back-office team to handle more important tasks each month instead.

2. Access to Best-Fit Connectivity Types

Thanks to your telecom aggregator’s far-reaching carrier relationships, you won’t be missing out on the features you need for multi-location connectivity. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of internet speeds, bandwidth capacity, connectivity technologies, and more for a service plan tailored to meet the unique needs of each of your locations.

3. Increased Productivity

After aggregation, your business telecom services will operate at peak performance – and with reduced downtime comes increased productivity. Plus, your IT teams will no longer have to sort through multiple companies to submit tickets, so whenever connectivity issues do come up, your employees won’t have to wait as long for resolution.

4. A Single Management Portal

Depending on the number of carriers your enterprise relies on for connectivity, your back-office staff likely have to log in to multiple platforms and applications to manage each service. After IT and broadband aggregation, you’ll have a single, user-friendly portal to track, monitor, and make changes – no matter how many locations you’re managing connectivity for.

5. Always-On Network Monitoring

With so many locations to keep track of, having a second set of eyes to monitor network connectivity is essential. The right IT services provider will offer ongoing support with 24/7 monitoring after they’ve implemented your multi-location solution, so potential issues are detected and resolved as quickly as possible.

6. One Company to Contact

If your enterprise relies on dozens of carriers or more for connectivity, you’re not alone. Multiple carriers can complicate matters any time an issue comes up since it’s often difficult to figure out which vendors serve each location. A telecom aggregator consolidates and manages your services enterprise-wide, so you’ll have one point of contact for support across all of your branches.

Who Should Partner With a Telecom Aggregator?

Enterprise businesses of any size can benefit from IT and broadband aggregation services, especially if:

  • Your company is using multiple services for connectivity across several locations
  • You’re planning to grow and need a more scalable connectivity solution
  • You’re too busy or simply can’t negotiate for better rates from your service providers
  • Your onsite IT teams don’t have the capacity to maintain connectivity systems after installation 
  • You want to keep up with technological advancements but aren’t sure where to start
  • Simpler telecom management would allow you and your teams to focus on projects that grow your business

Simplify Your Multi-Location Business Connectivity With TailWind

TailWind optimizes connectivity for enterprises across the U.S. and Canada with end-to-end solutions and responsive support. As a nationwide telecom aggregator, we simplify multi-location business connectivity by leveraging our relationships with hundreds of national and regional providers to implement a cost-effective solution tailored to meet your needs. 

Our certified technicians will find, install, and manage connectivity for every location – no matter how geo-dispersed your enterprise. Ready to learn more about the advantages of IT and broadband aggregation for your multi-location connectivity needs? Download our comprehensive white paper today, or get in touch with our experts to book a consultation.