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Overcoming Enterprise IT Challenges: 4 Ways TailWind Can Help

Modern organizations are under constant pressure to adopt the latest and greatest technology to remain competitive. However, when faced with challenges like multi-location infrastructure updates or overly complicated bills from too many vendors, keeping up with the rapidly evolving technology landscape can seem like a losing battle for large enterprises.

TailWind is an IT service provider that helps enterprises take the burden of IT management – across your entire organization – off your shoulders. We have served enterprises with 100+ locations and warehouse-sized (500,000+ square feet) facilities for over 15 years with hands-on solutions, including stage and configuration, structured cabling, asset management, and more, so we know what it takes to simplify your large-scale technology systems.

What IT Challenges Do Enterprises Face?

Breaking down the many IT challenges enterprises encounter can help you identify where complications are stagnating your growth – and how your business can benefit from simplifying your IT systems with a trusted partner like TailWind. Several problems are consistent for IT departments in large enterprises across various industries, including:

Downtime During Multi-Location Network Upgrades

Taking advantage of new technology can be difficult for large enterprises with hundreds of locations to upgrade. Enterprise IT teams have to account for hundreds of sites with data servers, routers, cables, racks, wireless access points, and more for multi-location upgrades. Replacing outdated hardware and systems is critical for continued growth, but many enterprises suffer lost revenue from network downtime totaling $300,000 to $400,0001 per hour during upgrades.

Improper or Unoptimized Technology Configuration

IDC expects enterprises to spend $2.8 trillion on digital infrastructure globally by 2025.2 Still, it doesn’t matter how much time and money you put into updating your infrastructure if an expert in enterprise IT doesn’t handle it. From cabling to network settings, incorrectly configured technology – or worse, improperly installed cabling or equipment – can result in significant revenue and productivity losses. Determining where your IT infrastructure is falling short with a free site survey from an enterprise expert like TailWind can mitigate these losses and keep issues from snowballing.

Juggling Too Many Carriers and Services

Each of your business’s locations likely uses a variety of carriers for different services – which vary from the vendors and services your other locations use. Enterprises that manage multiple carriers across multi-location voice, data, and networking systems often struggle with juggling multiple bills and not knowing who to call when there’s a service issue. 

How Do TailWind’s Expert Solutions Simplify Enterprise IT?

More than 40,000 locations across North America rely on TailWind for solutions that solve enterprise and multi-location business IT challenges. If you’re tired of facing challenges like:

  • Difficulty updating your multi-location enterprise IT
  • Unoptimized technology or improperly installed hardware
  • Juggling too many vendors and services

– our experts will cut through the noise to deliver customized solutions backed by support from a responsive partner. Here’s how:

We Reduce Installation Time​ for Minimal Disruptions

TailWind’s Asset Management and Stage & Configuration services help enterprises replace outdated hardware, refresh technology systems, or relocate with minimum downtime – even for multiple locations. By preparing equipment in advance at our staging and configuration lab, we can conduct quality assurance, pre-configure their software and settings, and coordinate deployment for decreased post-installation failures and network downtime.

Our certified technicians handle every aspect of your technology project from installation to completion to ensure you overcome any enterprise IT challenge. We even have proof: download our case study to discover how we helped TopBuild Corporation manage connectivity onsite, consolidate services and billing, and replace outdated networks for 300+ locations – while saving time and money.

“We needed a provider that could be on site at each location to provide physical, on-hand support.” –

Adam Smith, Senior Manager of Branch Operations for TopBuild

We Ensure Your Network Is Built on a Reliable Foundation

Whether you’re relocating multiple branches, expanding to a new headquarters, or simply rebuilding your infrastructure, our technicians will deliver a rock-solid foundation that future-proofs your network with our expert Structured Cabling services. From network design to onsite support, we’ll oversee every aspect of your cable installation and take full accountability.

Our expert technicians can perform other onsite IT construction as needed, including:

  • Infrastructure standardization
  • Replace outdated wireless access points
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Rack and stack
  • Gear integration
  • Standardization during acquisitions

Not sure if your IT infrastructure is as effective as it should be? We’ll conduct a free site survey to identify areas of improvement and help determine optimal solutions. 

We Simplify Your Carriers and Services

Enterprise IT doesn’t have to be complex. TailWind offers two services designed to help you simplify your connectivity – and your technology bill. 

With our Broadband Aggregation services, we’ll simplify your multi-location network connectivity by creating customized, bundled services for your entire enterprise. You’ll get a single bill for all your locations’ connectivity, and instead of wondering who to call whenever you have an issue, you’ll work with a dedicated support team for all your broadband needs.

Our Carrier Services combine your UCaaS and SD-WAN service providers into a single-source solution. You’ll benefit from consolidated billing and streamlined management of the services you’re paying for – saving your IT and other departments time and stress.

We Streamline Your Enterprise IT Infrastructure

Dealing with IT and infrastructure project management daily typically results in overworked and unproductive onsite IT teams. Having a managed infrastructure provider with expertise across every industry frees up your technology staff to focus on core business projects that directly impact your bottom line.

As your managed infrastructure provider, we’ll coordinate multiple vendors, contractors, project timelines, and more to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and reduce stress on your IT staff. We’ll take complete accountability for all components of your business connectivity, field service, and break-fix needs through one managed infrastructure solution.

We Keep Your Operations Running Smoothly

With our managed infrastructure, you’ll also gain peace of mind with access to our Network Operations Center 24/7. Our NOCaaS solutions provide:

  • Tier 1-3 support and escalation management
  • Reduced ticket volume
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Reduced time-to-resolution for issues 

Our NOC’s redundant infrastructure and round-the-clock staff keep your network secure and online. With TailWind doing the heavy lifting for your cloud migration and management, you can take advantage of newer technologies without doing any leg work.

Simplify Your Enterprise IT With TailWind

We deliver technology solutions customized to help your business face IT challenges and overcome them with ease. Our logistics and construction-based expertise let us build solutions that optimize your business and help your IT staff reduce the costs and stress of managing vendors and services across multiple locations.

If you’re still unsure if TailWind is the right technology partner for you, we put together a quick resource to highlight who we are, what we do, and how we can take the burden of IT off your shoulders.

Ready to overcome your enterprise IT challenges with expert support from a premier nationwide service provider? Contact us to schedule your free site survey. We’ll examine your entire IT infrastructure to help identify where you’re overspending, what can be improved, and what steps you should take for optimization. 


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