“You Can Make One Call, or You Can Make 20.”

By Gregg Bjork, Chief Operating Officer

Are you aware of all the ways TailWind can help your business?

A long-time customer who works for a business with roughly 700 locations came in the other day to talk about consolidating his enterprise’s offices onto cable broadband connections. His business had recently acquired a couple of other companies, and they wanted to eliminate existing DSL, T1, legacy voice, and point-to-point solutions to get everyone on the same speedy page. The customer knew TailWind as a reliable provider of structured cabling that’s helped with decommissions and new constructions for years. Yet he wasn’t fully aware of some other services we offer. That’s when I decided to give him a tour of our facility.

During the tour, it didn’t take long for the customer to say he was excited to learn about the extent to which TailWind works with the equipment itself. Perhaps because we’re hardware agnostic he had no idea we employ a number of certified professionals trained in Cisco, Adtran and other manufacturers, nor did he know we have a Certified Wireless Network Engineer on staff. He told me his company was currently working with six separate providers: one to acquire the broadband aggregation connection, another to handle hardware and configuration, a different company to address installation, and so on. My response: “You can make one call, or you can make 20. It’s up to you.” And then I saw this man’s shoulders relax as he let out a huge exhale.

It’s no secret that calling telecom conglomerates for customer support can be challenging – both at work and at home. We know as well as anyone what a hassle it can be to work with major ISPs when it comes to bringing service to a standalone building — not to mention how expensive it is. That’s why, at TailWind, we offer services on both sides of the demarc including the trenching and boring from your construction to the pedestal. Our customers no longer need to wait around for unreliable installers. As long as the ISP delivers a connection to the pedestal, we’ll take it from there all the way into your building. This ends up being cheaper for you, and the added control TailWind has makes it easier to provide support in the future.

Our customer was delighted to learn that not only can TailWind help with installs, but when it comes to billing and support, we could take those off his hands as well. TailWind can interact with ISPs on your behalf and remediate everything at the facility while enabling your circuits for site-readiness. We’re even happy to serve as an intermediary. So, even if you buy some of your circuits directly from the carrier, you can elect to have your bills rerouted to us. We’ll pay them and include the amount in the bill we send to you, so you still only get one invoice each month.

Based on what I’m seeing in the modern marketplace, it’s not getting easier to figure out which companies you can trust to handle network refreshes and new broadband installations. TailWind is a reliable partner dedicated to your success, and we’re proud to offer end-to-end services and support on both sides of the demarc.

If you want to experience the peace of mind that comes with only making one phone call when you need support, contact us today.