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The CTIA predicts that there will be 31 billion connected devices by 2023, and today there are more than 400 million connections in America – equal to 1.2 wireless devices for every person. That’s a lot of wireless activity. As the bring-your-own-device trend continues to grow, mobility becomes increasingly important for enterprise operation. As wireless subscribership soars, businesses need WLAN solutions to help them manage their networks.

But selecting the right WLAN solution, working with the vendor, and then installing, managing the maintenance, and providing support takes valuable time away from your focus on strategic initiatives. That’s where TailWind comes in.

TailWind designs a WLAN solution for your business that addresses your unique needs for each location. Not only will our experts engineer and install wireless networking services to connect you to your customized connectivity solution, but we also take on the task of managing that solution as well.

After the installation, we provide remote monitoring and troubleshooting, central configuration, and hardware management along with multi-site network management tools and support for local network functionality during network outages.

With TailWind WLAN, your connectivity is overseen by our highly qualified project management team that allocates resources efficiently and provides skilled technicians for every section of your project.

We know you’ve got your hands full managing your multi-location networks as it is. Handing WLAN to us means you know your network is safe, connected, and scalable.

Enjoy better productivity, faster speeds, and access to the industry’s most advanced tools with TailWind WLAN.

We’re here to make your business run the way it should. With TailWind managing your WLAN, you can get back to work.

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Our values set us apart from the rest.

Responsive: We bring an “always on” approach to responding to your needs, from diagnosing and fixing issues to putting a technician on site.

Nimble: Our methodology is to adapt to your needs, and our best practices include tailoring solutions to fit your process and growth.

Accountable: We believe that accountability goes beyond just managing projects. We finish every request or task that we accept.

Expert: Our certified technicians and engineers bring extensive experience and knowledge to each interaction.