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Update your multi-location voice and data systems with minimal disruption.

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Businesses are constantly looking to better serve customers by bringing innovative technologies and applications to their workforces. The challenge, however, is to avoid the downtime that can occur when voice and data systems are being installed or updated across multiple locations.

TailWind minimizes on-site disruption by preparing equipment for installation in advance at our staging and configuration lab. And because we are hardware agnostic, the equipment we use is that which is best suited to your unique requirements. We warehouse and inventory devices, pre-configure their software and settings, and coordinate their deployment to each specific desk, network closet or node where they have been assigned. Our certified engineers and technicians reduce installation time by setting up and testing equipment in our lab, which also brings technician activity at each location to a minimum.

This approach allows us to conduct comprehensive testing and quality assurance prior to installation to decrease post-installation failures, installation costs, and downtime – even in a multi-site technology rollout. We take responsibility for getting the correct equipment to the right location and correctly configured by our technicians once on site. With our staging and configuration services, the setup of every device follows defined protocols and its location is tracked for accurate asset management.

Asset Management: Staging and Configuration Services for Reduced Installation Time​

  • Warehousing
  • Inventory
  • Configuration
  • Software Imaging
  • Kitting and Solution Assembly (servers, racks, switches, firewalls, etc.)
  • Logistics
  • Depot Replacements
  • Technical Assistance Center for Turn-ups (Level 1 and Level 2)
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Remote Site Asset Management

We are proven and cost-effective equipment partners for extensive installations and multi-location rollouts. Whether you need a company-wide roll-out, technology refresh, or relocation, we can be the behind-the-scenes resource you need for fast and efficient technology management. Let us minimize installation time so your multi-location system is updated with less downtime for you.

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Our values set us apart from the rest.

Responsive: We bring an “always on” approach to responding to your needs, from diagnosing and fixing issues to putting a technician on site.

Nimble: Our methodology is to adapt to your needs, and our best practices include tailoring solutions to fit your process and growth.

Accountable: We believe that accountability goes beyond just managing projects. We finish every request or task that we accept.

Expert: Our certified technicians and engineers bring extensive experience and knowledge to each interaction.