Does your company need NOCaaS?

Why TailWind NOCaaS?

No matter the size or scale of your business, as an IT leader, you have many challenges to address. This can include:

How you know a NOCaaS solution is right for you.

With the support of a Network Operations Center as a Service (NOCaaS) solution, you can alleviate the pain points you’re currently facing.

When decisions are made centrally and executed enterprise-wide, we are the perfect fit.
We are purposefully structured to service your multi-location enterprise, across the country and beyond borders. We hold ourselves accountable for taking on this task.

You need experts with their heads in the Cloud.
The cloudifying effect, coupled with today’s economic climate, creates the need for new efficiencies and new ways to simplify.

Change is a given. We make sure change doesn’t disrupt your business.
Change isn’t always for the better. Arm yourself with our extensive experience and sleep better knowing we are accountable for making sure your operation runs smoothly.

How a NOCaaS solution works.

A NOCaaS solution ensures problems get solved in the present or are avoided completely:

  • Tier 1-3 support and escalation management teams are accountable for all issues and help resolve incidents quickly
  • Reduce ticket volume without adding additional internal staff
  • Reduce administrative costs related to IT operations and support
  • Reduce time to resolution for issues

A NOCaaS solution ensures that the correct resolution takes place the moment, or even before an impact to your business occurs:

  • Increase peace of mind for IT executives
  • Includes a unique online customer portal providing full transparency, plus user-friendly job creation and management tools
  • Direct communication ensures 24 x 7 accessibility

At Tailwind Voice & Data, we make outsourcing feel like insourcing.

At TailWind, we bring local voice and data services to multi-enterprise operations anywhere in North America.

We know that your multi-enterprise operation is unique, and that off-the-shelf solutions won’t work.

Everything we do is tailored to your specific operation, and yours alone. We hold ourselves accountable for the needs of your business. We are your partner.

Through a NOCaaS partnership with TailWind:

  • We become an extension of your IT department
  • We scale up and down to bring you a complete offering tailored to your business
  • We are accountable for the implementation and continuation of your operation
  • We allow you to focus on the key aspects of your business

Why TailWind NOCaaS?

We’re the complete solution.

  • We offer a complete suite of services, and our offering covers your network needs completely:
    • Enterprise network services
    • Connectivity (multi-carrier aggregation, carrier services)
    • Asset management, staging and configuration
    • Network Operations Center as a Service (NOCaaS)

We’ll help you reduce your fixed overhead costs.

  • At TailWind, we leverage our experience, practices, and toolsets to transform fixed network management costs to an on-demand variable cost structure.

We’re scalable to expand and contract with your needs.

  • Our methodologies and tools enable us to quickly adjust to your demands and effectively scale services up or down.

Our technical support is 100% US-based.

  • Through our US-based technical support, language and time zones are not barriers to responsive and easy communication.

We’re quick and responsive.

  • Our full-time staff, nationwide network and streamlined processes allow us to respond as quickly as you need us:
    • Redundant 24×7 Operation Center infrastructures & staff
    • Online portal
    • Dedicated Project Managers

You will be made to feel like you are our only customer.

  • Our service is specifically crafted for your Enterprise Core to Edge IT principles
  • We tailor our solutions to suit your needs.
  • You will be directly served by our senior-level staff
  • We hold ourselves accountable to ensure we exceed your expectations

We partner with SolarWinds® IT management tools.

  • We leverage Enterprise grade management tools to keep your critical infrastructure and applications up and running. We are proud to partner with the industry leader, SolarWinds®

We’re tailored to your needs, and are not a one size fits all partner.

Our North American network of highly vetted experts is the perfect complement to your in-house resources.

With our team, you can easily and quickly scale to meet planned and unplanned expectations placed upon your organization. Your costs will come down, your processes will be simplified and your time to implement will be reduced. In addition, your managers won’t have to carry the weight of your network operating center on their shoulders – we hold ourselves accountable.

Remember – if it isn’t local, scalable, accountable and complete, it isn’t a NOCaaS solution:

  • Local: As an extension of your team, we’re here, when you need us
  • Scalable: We are versed in your operation – this means we’re always prepared to address your unique needs with the correct resources
  • Accountable: The highest professional and ethical standards advance the care and preservation of your enterprises’ networks
  • Complete: We are committed to doing what you need us to do, even if it means creating the solution from scratch

The complete solution.

Your multi-location enterprise deserves a NOCaaS partner made for multi-location enterprises.

Purchasing Criteria


Complete service offering
US-based tech support

Tiered packages to meet your unique needs.

Product Description

  • 24 x 7 availability for customer-determined circuit troubleshooting and resolution

Customer Benefits

  • Dedicated support for all tickets with a dedicated 800 number for support (agnostic to carrier)
  • True end-to-end management of all tickets
  • Online portal for all inventory management, along with real-time updates within the portal
  • Flat rate fee schedule, meaning there is no limit on the number of tickets each month (easier for CFOs to budget and monetize)

Enhanced Plus:
Product Description

  • TailWind will provide additional insights and management of your unified communications infrastructure by adding monitoring, notification, reporting and trending data to our Enhanced service offering

Customer Benefits

  • Incorporates benefits of our Enhanced offering
  • Provides insights for enhanced planning and problem avoidance
  • Allows for tracking issues down to the port level
  • Supports multiple VLANs or VPN tunnels for Voice/POS or other priority routes
  • Tracks and creates reports for jitter, latency and lag, along with all-speed monitoring
  • Quarterly reporting (a la carte reporting available with variable pricing)
  • Upgrades available for existing circuits

Product Description

  • TailWind will become an extension of your IT staff by actively monitoring availability of circuits, performing problem identification and managing problem to resolution

Customer Benefits

  • Proactive monitoring and TailWind notification to customer 24 x 7 x 365
  • Reduced Time To Resolution (TTR) over Standard offering
  • Monitoring, tracking and reporting capabilities within online portal included with all TailWind-provided circuits

Product Description

  • TailWind will provide certified engineering services to configure, remotely maintain and troubleshoot TailWind-managed devices

Customer Benefits

  • Incorporates Enhanced Plus
  • Includes dedicated industry certified engineers to remotely troubleshoot routers along with any network-related issues
  • Seamless communications with TailWind technical account managers
  • Dramatically reduces time to repair
  • Trend data and threshold notifications

Upgrade Your Enterprise IT With the Power of TailWind


Our values set us apart from the rest.

Responsive: We bring an “always on” approach to responding to your needs, from diagnosing and fixing issues to putting a technician on site.

Nimble: Our methodology is to adapt to your needs, and our best practices include tailoring solutions to fit your process and growth.

Accountable: We believe that accountability goes beyond just managing projects. We finish every request or task that we accept.

Expert: Our certified technicians and engineers bring extensive experience and knowledge to each interaction.