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Product Description
• 24 x 7 availability for customer-determined circuit troubleshooting and resolutionCustomer Benefits
• Dedicated support for all tickets with a dedicated 800 number for support (agnostic to carrier)
• True end-to-end management of all tickets
• Online portal for all inventory management, along with real-time updates within the portal
• Flat rate fee schedule, meaning there is no limit on the number of tickets each month (easier for CFOs to budget and monetize)Enhanced Plus:
Product Description
• TailWind will provide additional insights and management of your unified communications infrastructure by adding monitoring, notification, reporting and trending data to our Enhanced service offeringCustomer Benefits
• Incorporates benefits of our Enhanced offering
• Provides insights for enhanced planning and problem avoidance
• Allows for tracking issues down to the port level
• Supports multiple VLANs or VPN tunnels for Voice/POS or other priority routes
• Tracks and creates reports for jitter, latency and lag, along with all-speed monitoring
• Quarterly reporting (a la carte reporting available with variable pricing)
• Upgrades available for existing circuits
Product Description
• TailWind will become an extension of your IT staff by actively monitoring availability of circuits, performing problem identification and managing problem to resolutionCustomer Benefits
• Proactive monitoring and TailWind notification to customer 24 x 7 x 365
• Reduced Time To Resolution (TTR) over Standard offering
• Monitoring, tracking and reporting capabilities within online portal included with all TailWind-provided circuitsPremium:
Product Description
• TailWind will provide certified engineering services to configure, remotely maintain and troubleshoot TailWind-managed devicesCustomer Benefits
• Incorporates Enhanced Plus
• Includes dedicated industry certified engineers to remotely troubleshoot routers along with any network-related issues
• Seamless communications with TailWind technical account managers
• Dramatically reduces time to repair
• Trend data and threshold notifications