Managed Infrastructure

We’re your go-to enterprise IT partner for all elements of business connectivity and field service.

Upgrade Your Enterprise IT

The Benefits of Managed Infrastructure

A Complete Solution for Multi-Location Businesses
We provide voice and data infrastructure for enterprises, whether you have 30 locations or thousands.

Consolidate Billing Across Multiple Technologies
Regardless of who sold you what technology, we bundle all your invoices into a single bill.

Streamlined, Fully-Managed, End-to-End Service
Hand your labor-intensive tasks and responsibilities to us – and get back to focusing on your core business.

Retain Full Oversight
You stay in control while we execute task coordination, maintain course for overall project goals, and provide you with real-time progress updates via our online customer portal

Consolidate Your Break-Fix Issues
We provide break-fix support on both the carrier side and on the customer premise side for end-to-end network maintenance.

Our nationwide professional services provide exceptional value to enterprise IT managers. We’ll take complete accountability for all components of your business connectivity, field service, and break-fix needs through one managed infrastructure solution. Check out this explainer about managed infrastructure services to see if they could benefit your business.

Face Your Enterprise IT Challenges Head-On

By working with an expert to take care of your enterprise IT, you’ll avoid:

Improper technology configuration

Loss of profits

Disruption to operations

Wasted time as you work to fix issues

Liability risks around exposure of customer data and information

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What You Get With TailWind Managed Infrastructure

An All-in-One Service Program
Whether executing a managed roll-out, new build, relocation, or site closure, we have you covered.

Infrastructure in a Box
With a single request, our experts will handle multiple service activities, maintaining connectivity and bringing any project to completion to help your business succeed.

A Single Point of Contact
Your dedicated project management team coordinates multiple vendors, contractors, suppliers, carrier management, and aggregation of project timelines.

Our Multi-Pillar Approach:

Professional services:
We are able to dispatch technicians to various locations to help customers address issues with their technology.

Access management:
We create wholesale relationships, order the internet on your behalf, and deliver single invoices to our customers for their data connections.

Stage and configuration:
Our headquarters allows customers to utilize a warehouse that acts as a lab to fix devices or install a site. Additionally, customers can send us their gear for us to do their configuration.

As a service:
We have the ability to manage the infrastructure after installation without anyone at any location having to turn into an IT person if an issue arises.